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Welcome to Farsight, formerly known as Västgöta-Data​

We provide

Welcome to Farsight, formerly
known as Västgöta-Data​

We provide

Welcome to Farsight formerly known as Västgöta Data

We are the ”go-to-guys”
regarding all your IT systems,
technology and matters of IT security.


Let’s talk about our Products

We have a passionate team ready to collaborate and innovate!

Let’s talk about our Services

Farsight provides experienced project managers, analyst and technical wizards that help you structure, guide and manage projects in systems development, systems maintenance and innovation.

Farsigt solutions

Let’s talk about our Solutions

We love complex problem solving and the opportunity to grow with our customers.

This is us

We are a Swedish IT-Development Company with a passion for users.

As a solution providing company we offer a wide range of consulting, development & quality services with the aim of 100% satisfaction.

  • Founded in 2006 by the current owners
  • 20+ developers and project leaders with broad expertise.
  • Long term relationships with our customers

This is what we do

Farsight makes people and organizations grow!

Our business provides different systems services that match your needs.

  • Loves systems architecture
  • Expert at patent development
  • Long experience of consulting, integration and IT security
  • Always analysing the company's needs to match the solution.

This is where you can find us

Global actor, yet still local at heart

You will find us right where we started our journey, at Science Park Skövde. Much has changed but our philosophy in having our boots on the ground while growing is still the same. We hire locally, we grow internationally.

  • Hiring those that have the skills the interest and the will to do extraordinary things
  • Local expertise grows within our walls
  • Strategically located for international collaboration
  • Who

  • What

  • Where


We are passionate about creating durable systems and finding IT-solutions for each and every challenge.

Business Areas


Business Areas


Business Areas


Business Areas


Business Areas


Business Areas


More than Solutions is support

We offer a wide range of support

Remote Management & Monitoring

We can secure your business and give you peace of mind!


We provide in-house support

Support for Cloud and VPN Services

We provide VPN and Cloud services

Network Architecture and Implementation

Our business covers systems architecture


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    About the Company

    Farsight Tech Nordic AB is a Swedish IT-development partner that makes people and organizations grow! We are your “go-to-guys” regarding all your IT-systems, technology and IT-security subject matters.

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