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Reliable and accurate information where and when it is needed and only accessible by those that need it.

We facilitate everyday life by making sure the infrasctructure and the systems you are using work as expected. For us this is an overall approach regardless of whether we are talking about support and IT-operations, development of new business support systems or backup of critical data. We want to make your life easier!

Our Experience

Building IT-systems centered around one or more databases is a tricky business.

As a truly holistic partner we do all parts of what makes a business support system run smoothly, from support and maintenance of servers and clients to cloud services, security revisions and software for secure communications and remote work.
As an MSP (Managed Service Provide) we automate IT-operations, support and management, using best of breed security packages and advanced RMM-tools (Remote Monitoring & Management). Support is offered on-site or remotely depending on customer location and whether your staff is working from home or in the office. Our holistic approach means we can both develop entire business support systems and run the entire infrastructure as well as offer a helping hand when you need it. Our MSP-services include;

Network infrastructure including but not limited to, multiple VLAN and redundant mesh architectures for both fiber connections and WiFi.

Firewall and security solutions targeting WAN, VLAN and core infrastructure using managed network hardware and VPN-solutions.

Planning, implementation, roll-out and maintenance of both on-premise solutions, Windows and Linux, cloud; such as Azure and AWS or virtual hosted servers.

Automated installation/deinstallation, patching updates and maintenance operations using RMM-tools

Monitoring and security management, heuristic antivirus and antimalware management using some of the best RMM-tools currently available.

Backup, disaster management and recovery solutions for both on-premise or cloud or VPS solutions including server management, client management and Office 365

Automated documentation and system health reports.

License management and reporting

Multiple support options, via phone, e-mail, Teams, remote control or on-site.

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Consultants for hire! As is the case with most software development providers we can offer great people for shorter or longer assignments for customers that want to staff in-house projects.

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