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We want the very best for our customers in the ever changing challenges that ”happens” in the life of any business.

Developing the business, discover and identify necessary changes and unlock hidden potential requires a constant drive and may sometimes wear heavily on internal resources. For this reason it might be good to have people without presuppositions come and revitalize with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Our Experience

We like to talk about sustainable solutions!

Farsight provides experienced project managers, analyst and technical wizards that help you structure, guide and manage projects in systems development, systems maintenance and innovation. By combining our experts, with your team and potentially other external experts, together we can create clever and innovative solutions and drive worthwhile projects.

We like to talk about sustainable solutions! These are the solutions that go beyond.

We create sustainable solutions that work over time, that are useful and comprehendable, flexible and that will grow with your business and where the architecture and solution is prepared for future changes.

Change management, shifts in technology or do you just want a project manager for your systems, technology or security concerns?

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Consultants for hire! As is the case with most software development providers we can offer great people for shorter or longer assignments for customers that want to staff in-house projects.

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We create sustainable and useable solutions for complex problems.

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