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About Farsight

Complex Made Simple

We are driven by user-friendly solutions that bone out complexity and make information systems useful, clear and where manual processes are automated.

At Farsight, we like sustainable solutions that can be managed over time and that, through usability, scalability and flexibility, enable people and companies to grow.

Our passion is to solve complex problems and do it right from the beginning so that we can grow long-term together with our customers and partners.

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About Skövde

Our History

History of Västgöta-Data and todays Farsight begins in 1998

Awarded by Gothia Science Park

Next step in our journey with a new graphic profile and a step into gaming platforms.


Awarded "The good example"

Awarded "The Good example" by Näringslivsgalan Skövde. An award that recognises companies that hires persons outside the labour force.

ZFTP becomes Provide Server

The developers of zFTPServer, decided to change the name of zFTPServer in favour of ProVide.


Västgöta-Data becomes Farsight

We are turning 15 and takes a big step in our journey towards a global actor but still local by heart.

This is when it all started

1998 a team of "nerds" got together at the University of Skövde with an aim to shape the future of digitalisation and software programming.


ZFTP came to life

After a couple of years of software development the first version of the FTP server ZFTP saw daylight

The start of Västgöta-Data

In September 2006 was Västgöta-Data finally a official company founded by Adam, Andreas and Nicklas.


Awarded by Gothia Science Park

We are awarded by Gothia Science Park for our entrepreneurship and growht

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Why choose us

This is why people choose Farsight!

Our software is used in 90 + markets globally

Even though we are strong locally we have global experience and will continue grow with our global clients.

Value for Results

Our most important value is that we aim to grow with our clients. By producing products that makes your business life easier.

High-Quality Results

With our team of experts we make sure that all software, code, system solutions that we produces meets your expectations and more.

This is us


IT powered ON

Farsight is a swedish IT-development partner that makes people and organizations grow! We are your ”go-to-guys” regarding all your IT-systems, technology and IT-security subject matters. At the same time we are local community builders and ensue a sound labour market and good ethics. Our business is all about finding clever solutions for secure access, management and communication of business critical information.


We are an innovative, full service company within the IT sector.

By providing leading competence and close customer collaboration for sustainable and suitable solutions we engage in systems architecture, patent development, consulting, integration and IT-security as well as analyzing business needs and development of systems that match those needs. With a pool of experienced and skilled development teams, project managers, IT-Operations & support staff and business analysts we take a holistic approach for both IT systems development projects, migration and integration as well as change management grounded in business needs and innovation.


Responsibility beyond expectations

We adopt a holistic responsibility for all parts in an IT-project; from analysis, business needs and requirements change management to IT-operations, development, systems maintenance, data migration, security and secure systems communication. We also coordinate and play well with others with the goal to create useable solutions to complex problems, sustainable over time.