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Does your IT-systems deliver correct data, on time, to the right people?

Data must be secure from prying eyes and be trusted and verified at all times. Furthermore, the system must adhere to all legal standards both regarding privacy and by law impose sufficient technical mechanisms safeguarding company data.

Our Experience

Building IT-systems centered around one or more databases is a tricky business.

A good database modelling effort enforces that the database can only store and retrieve data that are representative of the specific world that the database models. This dictates that erroneous processing or errors in data acquisition are by default not even allowed. The key point is that the database and the systems that it supports represent a true and accurate model of the specifiv part of the world that the system supports.

When trust is the key to success

Get this wrong and your system can invent new stuff that arent there and so the system and the data can not be trusted. The same goes if security is poor and you cannot trust data integrity meaning has someone made a misstake, mistyped or hacked us causing insertion of false or out of place data. The real risk here is that systems or databases that people dont trust get informally replaced with parallell excel systems causing massive alternative costs. People do this for the sole purpose of managing their jobs so it up to you as a customer and us as developers to get this right and prove to the users this is the case. Search for spreadsheets and you will see what we mean.

What, why and how to store and process data

Most companies utilize databases in their system. Our understanding is that most systems solve problems but that the modelling and quality of company databases is poor, unsecure and of low quality causing problems sooner or later or at least making systems very difficult to maintain. A careful consideration of what, why and how to store data and process data and relationships som that the databases accurately model the specific part of the world they are dealing with is paramount.

Our experience range from

High performance casino databases

Supporting systems for digital trade fairs

Migration, Integration and granularity

Error management and automated data correction

Management of intermittently missing data sources

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