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Our support and IT-operations division designs, maintains, and supports network infrastructure

Also, server & cloud solutions as well as client endpoints. We use both on-premise solutions and cloud including AWS, Azure and Office 365 along with network and firewall solutions from primarily Ubiquity and WatchGuard. Backup solutions via SolarWinds and security and RMM solutions from Watchguard (Panda) means our customers are provided a full range of secure and tested solutions. Our customer promise is to provide and maintain functional and suitable systems that you can rely on.

Our Experience

Systems Change Management

We at Farsight have a passion for problem solving where we work together as a team to innovate, streamline and unlock potential. Our collaboration efforts are open and transparent using skilled team of experts motivated to long term sustainable customer and partner relations. We go beyond next day solutions and envision useable, scaleable and sustainable solutions that will support your business now and in the foreseeable future. Let’s meet and see what we can do together!

System change management in specific relation to information systems, management systems, ERP and analysis systems can be a somewhat fuzzy concept. As conceptualized by Farsight we would like to talk about a ”pressure for change” rather that bug hunting and pure maintenance. If you are not moving forward you are not standing still; you are regressing as the world moves forward.

Code Management

We are inquisitive and like to engage in interresting solutions. As developers and innovators we have both the expert capacity and drive to adopt and carry on development of systems developed by others. Do you have new or legacy systems that are an integral part of business or support operations or even customer systems where the original developers are no longer available. Rest easy; we have a bunch of projects and long terma partnerships where we develop, maintain and manage software life cycles where we jumped in to complement or replace other developers.

The ”pressure for change” can be divided into three separate parts.

#1 - New Technology

External changes where the change pressure comes from new technology, new standards, legislation; basically changes that push the software or system under consideration to keep up, not to loose its relevancy. This is closely related to maintenance but in addition to keeping the system running smoothly; we must make sure the system does not age poorly.

#2 - Adaptations & Special Requirements

Adaptations and special requirements. These are system changes imposed by requirements, customer wish lists or special projects for individual customers or from the customers customer. Many of these adaptations can be charged directly to the end customer.

#3 - Changed Expectations & New Requirements

External changes based on changed expectations and new requirements. From the get-go users and stakeholders have expectations and functional requirements on any system that changes all the time. Changes surmount to to both new functionality, functionality that was omitted from the beginning and to the new stuff inspired by new technology, competitors and new ideas and expectations.


Life cycle management amounts to taking care of developing an maintaing a modern system over time; ususally in the form of a series of projects, version revisions or even new products and subsystems. In our definition som sustainability i driving factor is our strive to envision future functionality of any system we develop. I we can; within reasonable limits, prepare the architecture, databases, user interface and program structure for future and upcoming changes then we can avoid patchwork systems and reduce both cost and complexity of future change projects.

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Consultants for hire! As is the case with most software development providers we can offer great people for shorter or longer assignments for customers that want to staff in-hous projects.

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